Emilia G Orren

EG OrrenWelcome!! I'm a photographer (obviously!) with a passion for capturing life as it happens - because it happens. I believe life should be documented, cherished, and the memories made should be displayed. I may prefer a documentary / photojournalistic approach to capturing images, but that's not to say I won't pose people (and pets) as well! My journey started after my father passed away.  During the search to find photos for the memorial service, I discovered numerous photos from his youth but nothing recent and certainly nothing really worthy of enlarging.
We live in a world now where we have access to cameras on practically everything ... and despite the fact we always seem to be taking photos of everything, yet nothing, we don't do anything with them.  Except for the mostly cheesy blurry photos that are posted on social media, they stay on our phones or cameras or computers but nothing is printed or enlarged to be hung on a wall.
The goal is to create images worthy of more than a social media posting ... to capture moments that trigger memories you can display on walls, print in albums, and now only cherish now, but pass down for generations to come.
For more photos and a few sneak peaks behind the scenes, you can follow me on social media through Facebook and Instagram! Emilia